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Hello there, this week I want to highlight a really fun project that I worked on with Cripps Photography.

Hope, Cripps Photography Owner, and I sat down and I listened to where she was having difficulties within her business. We all have them! Becoming aware of where you are being challenged is the thing I see most from business owners, on a consistent basis! For her to be aware of her challenges and make the decision to find solutions is courageous!

We discussed where she was at, where she wanted to go & what tools could we develop to align with her future vision. While we were in discussion, I put together a proposal for her of what we could build that would be sustainable for Cripps Photography, this consisted of: a PDF Fillable Interview Rating Sheet, a new E-Book Employee Handbook and PDF Fillable Forms for New Hire Docs. Ultimately we built a whole new on boarding process from Interview to 90 Days Post Hire. She implemented this new process with her newest addition to her team and they are knocking it out of the park! Not to mention, we did this during her busiest time of the year.

Outsourcing help for your business does not have to be a cumbersome & dramatic experience. At Elevate Business Solutions we are truly mindful of schedules and utilize creative solutions for communication to keep the process simple. We work fast and efficiently to exceed our clients expectations and truly capture their big picture vision for the future.

If you have been on the fence about reaching out to a consultant for help remember this: You miss 100% of the opportunities you never take! Which means that collaborating with a Business Consultant could push your business to the level in which you've been dreaming of and to top it off, you have help along the way to see it through!

If you're curious to see what Hope had to say about working with Elevate Business Solutions, check out her review below!

Thank you Hope for building with Elevate Business Solutions, we had a blast and look forward to future endeavors.

For those of you out there reading this, don't forget to click on Cripps' logo below to be directed to her page! She does amazing work, I mean look at the headshot she did for me!

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